Ron Glynn – AWANA Missionary

Ron was the most decorated department head in theRon Glynn history of Hy-Vee Food stores. When presented with the opportunity to become an Awana missionary, he asked himself this question: “Do I want to devote the rest of my life to selling one more head of lettuce or reaching one more boy or girl for Christ?” The answer was obvious. He and his wife Claudine have been the Awana faith supported missionary couple for Iowa since December 1994. The Glynn’s have three daughters and six grandchildren. They presently minister (with the help of a large volunteer team) to over 200 churches in Iowa that are registered to use the Awana ministry. The Glynns have also participated in over twenty Missionary-In-Training (MIT) “boot camps” and have accompanied groups of teens to four different continents. Ron recently also took part in an Awana Vision Team trip in Asia.


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