Jump Start Program ( 2-3 yr. olds)

 Program Description:

  • Christian-based
  • Social/Emotional Development – sharing, displaying emotions appropriately, taking turns, healthy self-image,                  problem-solving, following instructions
  • Large Motor skills – jumping, running, walking, catching and throwing a ball, dancing, etc.
  • Fine Motor skills – coloring, cutting, manipulatives, crafts, fingerplays
  • Theme for the Week – activities and projects focusing on the theme
  • Cognitive Development – colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers
  • Language & Vocabulary Development – stories, conversations, learning new words
  • Praise & Worship – Bible Stories and activities/crafts, songs and fingerplays
  • Music & Learning songs

Program Options 

Preschool Only Option:  8:45 – 11:15 am                       
     5-days/week M-F  $250/month                      
     3-days/week MWF  $155/month
     2-days/week T/TH  $105/month

Extended Care Options:

     Full-Day including Preschool: 7:15 am – 5:15 pm (weekly payment – special rates for week of  Thanksgiving & New Year;  Spring Break is                  optional) Parents may pay weekly or 4 weeks at a time.  Payment is non-refundable for absences due to vacations, illness, inclement weather, etc.                     
         5-days/week: $160/week M-F        
         3-days/week: $96/week MWF        
         2-days/week: $64/week T/TH
       Part-Day including Preschool:
           Option 1: Preschool & Early Morning Care:  7:15 am – 11:15        
               5-days: $300/month                      
               3-days: $180/month                     
               2-days: $120/month
           Option 2: Preschool & Afternoon Extended Care:  8:45 am – 5:15 pm
                5-days: $580/month                       
                3-days: $350/month                     
                2-days: $235/month