David Graeff Family

The Graeff family is serving in ministry in Laramie, Wyoming at Techne Ministries.

Blessed to grow up in a Christian home, David came to personal faith in Christ at an early age. Upon graduation from high school, David went to the University of Wyoming where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy in 1993. After working in hospital pharmacy in Montana for a couple of years, he went on to seminary in Columbia, South Carolina, receiving a Masters of Divinity from Columbia International University. From 2000 until 2014, David and his family served the Lord as missionaries in the countries of Mongolia and Indonesia. Since 2014, David has served with Laramie Valley Chapel as a minister to college students and internationals. This year, David and his wife, Georgia, will celebrate 25 years of marriage. They have two high school age boys named Dan and Ben. David is passionate about missions, Bible teaching, and discipleship. He also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies from fishing to scuba diving, but he is particularly interested in motorcycle riding and sports cars.

International student outreach

Our international student outreach includes individual meetings, “coffee hours,” group outings, as well as invitations to Sunday morning church service. But the real heart of this outreach has revolved around a Wednesday evening meal and Bible study at our home. It is in this setting that the love of God and a tangible sense of “community” has developed among the students. This has been recognized and acknowledged by both Christian and non-Christian students alike. In the meeting, people of all nations are learning to praise the one, true Creator God, and He is, most graciously, answering prayers, making His Word come alive, and drawing souls to Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ! Earlier this year, Buji, a Mongolian lady in the group, put her faith in the Lord Jesus. Many of you prayed for Buji. Thank you.


In May, Buji was baptized. Now she is back in Mongolia, where she has connected up with our former teammate, Bilthgay, and his wife, Buynaa. (It’s a small world after all!) Bilthgay and his wife, Buynaa, are helping Buji get plugged into a local Christian fellowship there in Ulaanbaatar.


Along with Buji, a young Korean lady, named Min-Ha, gave her heart to the Lord this past spring and was baptized. She too has moved back to her native country – South Korea. God is also working in the lives of some Chinese students and university faculty. One man in particular, Qinghua, seems particularly close to trusting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Please keep praying for Qinghua. This semester, we are also thankful for an opportunity to help coach some local seminary students who are interested in cross-cultural missions. We have just begun praying with them about starting up their own “Bible Discovery Groups.”


Tech/Trade school student outreach

When returning to the States from Indonesia, we never anticipated becoming involved in a tech/trade school outreach. But this unique ministry that God has put before us has turned into one of the most quickly developing and fruitful harvest fields we’ve ever worked in!

We are currently serving 30-40 students at Wyotech – a local automotive and diesel technical school. Wyotech has 9-month programs broken down into three phases. Students can choose to extend these programs by 3-month increments taking additional courses like “chassis fabrication” or “street rod.” Every new phase, i.e., every three months, a new group of students enters the program. This creates a constant flow of new people to minister to. These students come from all over the United States (only a small percentage are from Wyoming), and I would estimate that 90% of them do not know the Lord personally. Many to most of them are from “unchurched” backgrounds. Since beginning outreach to Wyotech in 2014, we have ministered on a personal level to over 200 students. 17 of these have given their life to Christ, 9 have been baptized (3 more plan to be in December), and all of them have heard the Gospel clearly presented as well as have been shown how to study and apply the Word of God to their own lives.


This past spring, Luke Finley and I felt led to register the Wyotech outreach as a 501c3 (non-profit) organization under the name of “Techne Ministries.” Because of the fruitfulness of Techne Ministries here in Laramie, we are now wondering if it is God’s plan to expand the ministry to other tech and trade schools. Interesting possibilities are presenting themselves in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. Please join us in prayer about this. Learn more at techneministries.com

f you have any questions related to the ministry here or for us as a family, we’d be more than happy to answer these by phone (307-760-4421) or through email (graefffamily4@gmail.com).
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